• Intelligent

    Open, intelligent, AI-driven solutions accelerate innovation partnered with unmatched industry expertise to help you grow. 

  • Sapiens

    Our enhanced, future-proof, open and integrated platform leverages core capabilities with digital, data and decision automation backed by AI and ML.

  • Grow

    A comprehensive, yet modular and open platform, providing packaged business solutions across all lines of business

  • Modernize

    Seamless, intuitive, personalized experiences driven by AI and data intelligence using the Sapiens Insurance Platform

  • Optimize

    Increase automation using AI and reduce TCO with our SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure on the Sapiens Insurance Platform

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Innovate With Sapiens Insurance Platform

A future-proof, AI-based, open and integrated insurance Platform, which accelerates innovation, delivers sustained value and empowers insurers to grow, differentiate, and stay ahead.

Intelligent Insurance Solutions

Open, intelligent, AI-driven solutions accelerate innovation partnered with unmatched industry expertise to help you grow.

  • Property & Casualty
  • Life & Pensions
  • Reinsurance
  • Highly Modular

  • Cloud-First

  • Digital-Led

Full set of offerings to empower P&C insurers to innovate and digitally address the needs of their customers, brokers, agents and producers

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  • Any Path

  • Leading Technology

  • Full-Featured

Powering the full policy lifecycle of life and annuity insurers, with fully adaptive, cloud-first, end-to-end core and business solutions

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  • Any Tier

  • Effective

  • Comprehensive

Enabling insurers to automate and manage end-to-end programs, covering both ceded and assumed reinsurance business

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What Analysts Say About Us

  • Named a Luminary Policy Administration System by Celent North American Individual Life Insurance Edition 2023

    “Sapiens CoreSuite for L&A remains a robust system in terms of features and function. The Sapiens CoreSuite L&A internal user interface remains one of the best we have seen on the market”

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  • Luminary, Celent Claims Systems Vendors Report for North American P&C Insurance, 2024

    “Sapiens ClaimsPro is a comprehensive and highly adaptable core claims system, ideal for both personal and commercial lines… ClaimsPro is particularly well-suited for insurers who value customization, user-friendly business rule management, and are looking for a system capable of evolving with technological advancements. ”

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  • Celent Luminary Solution, Life & Annuities, 2023

    “Sapiens CoreSuite for L&A remains a robust system in terms of features and function…CoreSuite for L&A is worth looking at when shortlisting”

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  • Celent Luminary Solution, Reinsurance, 2023

    Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster was chosen as a Luminary Solution by Celent for Global Ceded Reinsurance Solutions

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Accelerate Innovation

With digital, data & analytics and decision automation, you can provide seamless customer experiences, personalize interactions and make business-driven decisions for powerful growth.

  • Digital
  • Data
  • Decision
  • Superior Experience

  • Empower Users

  • Connect Seamlessly

Built through design thinking to create experiences that customers, agents, brokers and internal employees have come to expect, and provide a competitive advantage

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  • Real-Time

  • Holistic

  • Agnostic

Integrating your data to produce actionable insights that maximize its value and impact any decision making

Explore Data
  • Cross Industry

  • Proven Results

  • No-Code

Managing same-day rule changes using intuitive no-code tools to enhance operating efficiencies, speed-to-market and capacity

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Evolve Your Architecture

Evolving software architecture goes beyond the legacy systems of the past to enable more flexibility, scalability and faster time to market.

  • Sapiens Insurance Platform

    Innovate with intelligence leveraging our holistic Platform.

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  • Cloud-First

    Harness the power of the cloud to gain flexibility, enhance scalability and reduce costs

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  • Partners Ecosystem

    Innovate and maintain competitive advantage with a wide range of insurtech companies

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Innovate With Intelligence

Grow, differentiate and stay ahead with Sapiens Insurance Platform. Built to accelerate innovation while delivering sustained value, the Platform provides pre-packaged business solutions and low-/no-code configurations for faster time to market.