CoreSuite for Life & Annuities

Comprehensive, configurable and unified underwriting, policy, billing and claims software to accelerate insurance transformation across all Life & Annuities business lines

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Cloud-native platform delivering unprecedented flexibility across multiple lines of business for life and annuities products

How we do it

  • End-to-end for any process; from submission to commission
  • 360-degree view of the customer across all distribution channels and communication streams
  • Intuitive user experiences, enabling business users to optimize products and workflow


Rapidly configure, launch and distribute innovative products & experiences across all lines of business

How we do it

  • Pre-integrated to Sapiens DigitalSuite for increased time-to-value
  • Real-time data delivers intuitive insights
  • Instant scalability based on insurer products, markets and customer size


Achieve cost saving through consolidation and unifying existing legacy systems

How we do it

  • Unique conversion approach to reduce the risk involved in migrating data
  • Allow consolidation across a wide variety of products from different lines of business
  • DevOps tools shorten and ease ongoing development and maintenance activities

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