Tia Enterprise

The Tia Solution is built to meet the ever-changing needs of major league, mid-sized and niche insurers who want to bundle and market services for more efficient customer engagement.

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Reduced Costs, Improved Service

Automation and comprehensive management of the policy lifecycle enable cost savings and ensure better service levels

How we do it

  • Automated standard billing processes eliminate human error
  • Re-use of similar configurations increases efficiency
  • Agile quote and policy management ensure fast response to customer needs

Fast Time to Market

The ability to create, configure, and distribute any product improves efficiency and reduces Time to Market

How we do it

  • Fast and easy creation, configuration, and distribution of any product type
  • A rich set of development capabilities for non-IT users eliminates dependencies on IT
  • A central configuration space for all distribution and channels enables reuse across channels

User-Friendly Self-Service

A customer-centric digital claims journey ensures excellent customer experience, boosts productivity, improves efficiency, and reduces costs

How we do it

  • “One-stop processing” enables personalized, efficient, and significantly improved claims handling
  • Transparent platform for dialogue and self-service opportunities via customers’ preferred channels
  • Guided automated processes enhance service, prevent leakage, and boost productivity

Future-Proof, Cost-Efficient,
Reliable GDPR

Compliance with GDPR legislation, operational efficiency, and full accountability support your business growth

How we do it

  • A comprehensive solution that addresses all GDPR compliance requirements
  • Pre-defined, configurable, and easy to deploy according to best practices
  • Data integrity is preserved and system works seamlessly after any data deletion

Complementary Products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape

Tia Enterprise Add-on

The full scope of complementary solutions, enabling insurers to create, develop and innovate, while staying ahead of the game

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An integrated solution enabling Property and Casualty (P&C) and Life providers
to produce actionable insights for smarter decision-making

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Orchestrate and customize your digital symphony quickly, easily and affordably, no matter where you are in your digital journey

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