Best-of-breed statutory filing compliance solution to complete NAIC, NY Supplement and State Filings for any insurer line of business

Faster Statement Preparations

Encapsulating vast experience and inside out accounting expertise in almost any line of insurance business into an easy-to-use solution

How we do it

  • Modern user experience with one click navigation
  • Intuitive design for easy learning and use
  • Simple, clear and contextual onscreen instructions

Sophisticated and Comprehensive

Feature-rich system providing all the tools for addressing every filing challenge, updated and improved continuously based on user feedback

How we do it

  • Support internal divisional reporting and Schedule P pooling
  • Validate statements using “what-if” scenarios
  • Built-in formula analysis to display data flow

Leading Technology

Allow insurers to benefit from flexible deployment, with an architecture that is scalable and robust

How we do it

  • Various deployment options – on-prem or hosted
  • Automatically update calculations and validations
  • View multiple pages and statements simultaneously

Complementary products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape.


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