A dynamic persona-based portal empowering agents and brokers for P&C and Life insurance to focus on sales enablement, customer retention and increasing customer value

Excellence in Customer Experience

Providing agents with the right tools to service their customers in real time and add value to their portfolio expansion

How we do it

  • Ready-made persona focused apps
  • Infused with our expansive agent feedback and project implementations
  • Power agents to sell more & better with a view of full life cycle enablement

Speed to Market

Created through the lens of the agent to marry their current workflow and processes with our out-of-the-box solution, to roll out a tailored product faster than ever

How we do it

  • User experience designed specifically for agents and brokers
  • Processes and workflows created for interaction with other systems
  • Sapiens Intelligence pre-integrated for upselling, cross-selling and retention

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A portal framework to deliver on experience and valuable insight you provide to agents, as well as tools to enable your UX and Business teams to modify processes and transactions

How we do it

  • An out-of-the-box persona-based agent app with a seamless user experience
  • Quickly roll out agent-tailored products with our Journey and Forms Composer
  • Provide the engagement tools that agents need to build lasting relationships

Complementary Products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape.


A persona-based dynamic portal, focused on delivering modern design combined with expertise in innovative solutions

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BotConnect & LiveConnect

A dynamic duo revolutionizing engagement on customers’ channel of choice while optimizing operational efficiencies

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Journey & Form Composer

Improve your customer journey quickly and easily with seamless integration of new, advanced solutions and digitized paperwork

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