BotConnect and LiveConnect

A dynamic duo revolutionizing engagement on customers’ channel of choice and enabling insurers to have meaningful conversation and seamless handoffs

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Delight Customers

Expand the conversation by offering customers and agents an always available chatbot to answer questions seamlessly at any time.

How we do it

  • Automate text conversations with an NLP powered chatbot
  • Easily create journeys to resolve questions, provide quotes and service claims
  • Provide efficient and timely answers at customers’ most convenient time

Unified Channel of Choice

Providing a perfect, seamless experience for customers with the ability to transition from bot to a live person

How we do it

  • Engage customers on channels they prefer
  • Effortlessly create journeys that customers will rely on and use with ease
  • Transfer to a live representative or underwriter as the journey requires
  • Give customers an option to connect when and how they desire

Optimize and Automate Support

Create internal efficiencies for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with LiveConnect conversational messaging platform

How we do it

  • Provide 360° view of customers across all messaging platforms
  • Easily integrate with any CRM for data sync
  • Assign work to CSRs based on skills and manage by shifts and performance
  • One CSR simultaneously services many customers, automating responses with AI

Complementary Products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape.


A modular, highly innovative portal solution empowering agents with full lifecycle enablement including pipeline, sales, and customer service

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A persona-based dynamic portal, focused on delivering modern design combined with expertise in innovative solutions

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API Conductor

A solution for agents, customers and partners to synchronize data from core and backend systems and tap into ecosystem innovation

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Journey & Form Composer

Improve your customer journey quickly and easily with seamless integration of new, advanced solutions and digitized paperwork

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