eMerge Platform

Rule-based software development platform enabling rapid time-to-market by leveraging Sapiens proprietary RAAD methodology, ensuring full serviceability through distributed applications and DBMS, interoperable with the latest development standards

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Rapid Time to Market

Supporting much faster development to deliver e-business applications on – or ahead of – schedule

How we do it

  • Embedded solution modeling
  • Automated technical detail
  • Metadata business expression instead of written code
  • Allow development team to focus on business logic issues and stay ahead of the competition


Facilitating the integration of new technologies with legacy data and systems

How we do it

  • Business objects available to other tools as true objects
  • Objects can be manipulated according to the object-oriented rules
  • Enable developers in various COM and EJB environments to easily access data and applications

Platform Independence

Allowing quick system creation and deployment on separate platforms, with user data managed by the eMerge Enterprise Server or residing in an external data source

How we do it

  • Servers: Windows, Linux, IBM iSeries (AS/400) & IBM mainframes running IBM Z
  • Clients: Development Workbench, 3270 screens & various web browsers
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, various DB2 platforms & legacy systems

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A wealth of information about eMerge is at your fingertips below.

eMerge Brochure

An excellent brief overview of technology ahead of its time

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eMerge White Paper

An in-depth guide to the technology’s capabilities and benefits

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Leveraging IBM Z with eMerge for top performance

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