Journey and Forms Composer

Build and optimize your digital transaction journeys 

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Boost Customer Experience with the Right Solution at the Right Time

Provide self-service for sales, servicing and claims on digital channels of choice

How we do it

  • Adding new transactional journeys to your website, portals and other digital channels 
  • Enabling ongoing optimization of journeys using low-code/no-code tools 
  • Supporting data enrichment services, business-logic engines and all Sapiens solutions   

Rampup with OOTB Capabilities

Quickly create best-of-breed journeys in new territories or for new lines of business 

How we do it

  • Simplifying journey creation with drag & drop tools from a library of widgets and components 
  • Importing metadata models from Sapiens backend systems for seamless and rapid configuration of fields 
  • Easily connecting to legacy systems, data enrichment providers and business-logic engines through APIs 

Easily Expand Your Offerings and Grow 

Re-use assets to introduce more products and services 

How we do it

  • Managing global assets for quick reuse
  • Meeting the changing business needs with ongoing tool upgrades and additional functionality 
  • Continuously optimizing journeys by integrating with industry best practice analytics tools

Complementary Products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape.

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Interact with your customers on their preferred channel of choice 

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Persona-Based Portals

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