CoreSuite for P&C

Empowering Property & Casualty insurers to meet evolving business and customer needs, driven by low-code technology and a cloud-first approach

Address all Needs

Truly integrated suite to address all P&C insurer needs, including policy administration, claims, automated decision, reinsurance, data & analytics, and a full set of digital applications for a completely modernized landscape

How we do it

  • Out-of-the-box functionality for any LoB: personal, commercial & specialty
  • End-to-end automation across & beyond the enterprise
  • Intelligent workflows for internal & external team management & collaboration

Agility to Adapt

Allowing P&C insurers to quickly adjust to market and regulatory changes, evolving customer expectations, natural catastrophes and the constant emergence of new competitors

How we do it

  • Faster time-to-market for new products and distribution channels
  • Open, configurable products for ease of integration and adaptation
  • A winning track record of delivery across the globe

Enabling Growth

Scalable and lean, enabling faster time to value, as well as increased revenue and efficiency by launching new products and distribution channels quickly

How we do it

  • Built from the ground up with a diverse set of configuration tools
  • Extensive library of APIs and open services-based integration points
  • Optimized for global and dynamic end-user experiences

Complementary Products

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