Cloud and Operations

World-class cloud services and support, empowering hundreds of customers around the globe to focus on managing their business and achieving their transformation goals

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Infrastructure & Platform Management

Empowering companies to focus on core business objectives, eliminating IT bottlenecks, with our holistic, 24/7 support and maintenance services providing proactive management to meet your business needs

How we do it

  • 24/7 Global Service Desk & Operations Control Center
  • Service Management Governance, Backup & Multi-Geo Disaster Recovery
  • SRE, Automation & Data Base Administration (DBA)
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Proactive Monitoring

Security Management

With a security ecosystem built into our core and the infrastructure to keep customers secure, including state-of-the-art advanced security technologies, research and testing on evolving threats

How we do it

  • Enterprise-grade information security architecture
  • 24/7 global protection / threat monitoring
  • ITIL incident management

Cloud Migration & Operation

Offering four operating models, based on the customer’s preferred environment including on-premise, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid

How we do it

  • Support tactical product launches within months and reduces IT spending
  • Support pre-integration with leading third-party packaged solutions
  • Complete system integration and services provide insurers a single URL to access a fully integrated solution

Application Development & Management

Streamlining operations so customers can focus on what matters most – their business; includes various offerings that apply to the customer layer

How we do it

  • Focus on core business goals and reduce risks
  • Service commitment and highest levels of operational efficiencies
  • Better control and prediction of IT costs

Complementary Services

Sapiens provides a wide range of services to fully operate and thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Program Delivery

Full spectrum from program management to training and handover, ensuring delivery of defined results

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Business Services

Support insurers on planning and execution of a business transformation strategy, to realize the originally envisaged benefits

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