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Empowering customers on their transformation programs to meet their business objectives and fulfill their digital strategies

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Digital Transformation

Enable insurers to stay ahead of the digital curve, to increase organizational efficiency and raise the level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

How we do it

  • Speed up the transition time to allow new offering launch
  • Ensure efficient transformation that meets its goals
  • Reduce risk and free up resources to focus on high value activities

Business Transformation

Powers insurers with methodology to execute transformation smoothly, with strategy support, program management, and business process evaluation and improvement.

How we do it

  • Enable enterprise transformation with structured methodology and a unified approach
  • Empower the most efficient transformation path
  • Reduce the risks associated with major business change

Complementary Services

Sapiens provides a wide range of services to fully operate and thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

Program Delivery

Full spectrum from program management to training and handover, ensuring delivery of defined results

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Cloud & Operations

Managing infrastructure and empowering insurers to focus on core business objectives and eliminate IT bottlenecks

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