Empowering Property & Casualty insurers to provide individualized billing experiences using flexible low-code technologies

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Automated Billing Management

Modern, configurable billing software with advanced business rules and digital capabilities supporting new, emerging payment methods and workflows, and enhancing customer experience

How we do it

  • Lifecycle management for all P&C lines of business and all billing types
  • Flexible payment plans with ability to easily update payment arrangements
  • Omni-channel payments and communications
  • Industry-leading configurability and rules-based functionality

Accuracy & Operational Efficiency

Streamlining P&C insurance billing operations for process consistency and automated premium management, taxes, commissions, discounts, surcharges and fees

How we do it

  • Automate billing and payment processes
  • Track billing and payment transactions in real time
  • Accurately manage all fees
  • Reduce billing leakage and collection timeframes

Advanced Accounting Dashboards

Providing intuitive dashboards that enable drilling into billing activities to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

How we do it

  • 360° visibility into billing, collection and payment activity
  • Drillable details for single-click access to information
  • Superior user experience for agents and customers

Complementary Products

Sapiens provides a comprehensive set of solutions to fully automate the insurance landscape.


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