Continuous updates, effortless scalability, and comprehensive cloud management

Comprehensive Cloud Service Management

All of Sapiens Insurance Platform’s operations and application management services are under one roof, enabling insurers to focus on growing their business.

Gain a holistic view of our solutions, with one service manager leveraging one service desk for all issues.

Our unified DevOps, security processes, and tools provide end-to-end support, ensuring top quality services for software and hosting.

  • Cloud vendor management
  • Environment and deployment management
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Backup management
  • Security management
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Governance services
  • Sapiens Service Desk operates 24/7 serving as the single point of contact for incidents, requests and monitoring events

World-Class Cloud and SaaS Experience

Sapiens' cloud services are built on Azure and strengthened by our strategic partnership with Microsoft, ensuring robust and reliable solutions for our clients.

With over 120 cloud customers, our platform is supported by four global support centers and a dedicated team of 200 professionals holding more than 120 certifications.

Our 24/7 service desk ensures that assistance is always available, maintaining an impressive 99.5% availability.

Strong Security and Governance

Sapiens Insurance Platform ensures proactive security operations and provides guidance and support for all security products – from communications solutions to information security and cyber solutions. 

Insurers benefit from 24/7 security monitoring services and SecOps services, commitment to regulatory standards (GDPR), cybersecurity (ISO 27001), and vulnerability scanning and security patch installations.

  • Physical security & business continuity
  • Data security: Protect against data leakage
  • Application security: Secure software development life cycle
  • End point security and encryption
  • Network transport and endpoints security
  • Perimeter security: Secure the external production services

Platform Capabilities

The Sapiens Insurance Platform is built on key technological themes that serve as the foundational pillars for developing all our business solutions.

  • Digital Engagement

    Dynamic, persona-based portals empower vendors, agents, brokers, employers and administrators to provide premium user experiences across all digital channels.

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  • Data, AI & Analytics

    Robust data analytics suite that leverages AI and ML and empowers insurers to gain a holistic view of their business, operationalize insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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  • Operability & Security

    Reduce TCO through no-code/low-code configuration tools and one toolset for installation, upgrade, security, and operations.

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  • Integration & Openness

    Configurable integration layer that enables the platform solutions to integrate to any customer's ecosystem and/or third-party system.

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  • Automation & AI

    Use AI, ML and GenAI to drive new levels of automation, insight, and innovation.

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