Integration & Openness

Seamless integration within the Platform and collaboration with our partner ecosystem

Seamless Integration and Openness

Sapiens API Composition Engine (ACE) offers a configurable integration layer that enables the platform solutions to integrate to any customer's ecosystem and/or third-party system. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Bi-directional batch and online data exchange 
  • Standard APIs to access business functions and information
  • Flows to orchestrate and transform data internally and externally over different protocols (e.g., REST, SOAP) 
  • Different authentication methods for API integration, including Kerberos 
  • Easy-to-use visual tool that accelerates the configuration of the endpoints
  • Messages published corresponding to business events on policy and claims

Empowering Ecosystem Partnerships

The Sapiens Insurance Platform boasts an open architecture that facilitates seamless integration with third-party ecosystem partners, ensuring swift and effortless onboarding.   

Through robust APIs, these partners can easily integrate with our solutions, enriching the value proposition we offer. 

This collaborative approach empowers us to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clientele, while also fostering innovation and adaptability in our ecosystem.

Platform Capabilities

The Sapiens Insurance Platform is built on key technological themes that serve as the foundational pillars for developing all our business solutions.

  • Digital Engagement

    Dynamic, persona-based portals empower vendors, agents, brokers, employers and administrators to provide premium user experiences across all digital channels.

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  • Data, AI & Analytics

    Robust data analytics suite that leverages AI and ML and empowers insurers to gain a holistic view of their business, operationalize insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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  • SaaS/Cloud

    Provide the full breadth of cloud services, including continuous updates, effortless scalability, and comprehensive cloud management​.

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  • Operability & Security

    Reduce TCO through no-code/low-code configuration tools and one toolset for installation, upgrade, security, and operations.

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  • Automation & AI

    Use AI, ML and GenAI to drive new levels of automation, insight, and innovation.

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