Sapiens Insurance Platform

A future-proof, AI-based, open, modular and integrated insurance platform, which accelerates adoption, delivers sustained value and empowers insurers to stay ahead.

Innovate With Intelligence

Innovate With Intelligence

The Sapiens Insurance Platform allows insurers to grow with a comprehensive but modular offering supporting end-to-end insurance processes across all lines of business.

Using AI-powered automation, Sapiens’ Platform enables smart, data-driven business decisions and increased operational efficiency. The Platform is purpose-built to help insurers evolve in the fast-paced world of digital insurance technology. 

  • Grow

    • Comprehensive and modular offering – grow based on your needs
    • Global expertise, local knowledge and implementation
    • Pre-integrated, pre-configured, ready-to-deploy packaged business solutions
    • Open for ecosystem partners

  • Modernize

    • Seamless, intuitive, personalized experiences
    • Smart, data-driven decisions using unified data, Analytics & AI
    • Shorten speed to market using low-code/no-code configuration tools

  • Optimize

    • Increase automation using AI and automated business decisions
    • Business agility through cloud-native SaaS solutions
    • Reduce TCO by reusing common foundations and tools operability

Platform Capabilities

The Sapiens Insurance Platform is built on key technological themes that serve as the foundational pillars for developing all our business solutions.

  • Digital Engagement

    Dynamic, persona-based portals empower vendors, agents, brokers, employers and administrators to provide premium user experiences across all digital channels.

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  • Data, AI & Analytics

    Robust data analytics suite that leverages AI and ML and empowers insurers to gain a holistic view of their business, operationalize insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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  • Automation & AI

    Use AI, ML and GenAI to drive new levels of automation, insight, and innovation.

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  • SaaS/Cloud

    Provide the full breadth of cloud services, including continuous updates, effortless scalability, and comprehensive cloud management​.

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  • Operability & Security

    Reduce TCO through no-code/low-code configuration tools and one toolset for installation, upgrade, security, and operations.

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  • Integration & Openness

    Configurable integration layer that enables the platform solutions to integrate to any customer's ecosystem and/or third-party system.

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Innovate With Intelligence

Find out how to innovate with intelligence by reading our white paper discussing market trends and the business need for an integrated, SaaS platform.

What Analysts and Customers Say

  • Karlyn Carnahan, head of NA insurance practice


    Today insurers are looking for platforms with modern technology to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.  They’re also focused on open APIs for easy integration to broad ecosystems, easy configuration tools to tailor functionality to their specific needs, and above all, access to data.

  • Veera Lammi, Director of LOCALTAPIOLA


    One of the main opportunities for us with Sapiens Insurance Platform is the growth of business in the future by faster time to market with new products and by enabling our customers first-class customer experiences and digital services.

  • Robert Soverall, Managing Director of Republic Life Insurance


    Sapiens Insurance Platform allows us to develop and launch products relatively quickly, and I think that this will enable us to grow rapidly as a startup.

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