Digital Engagement

Transforming engagement and business growth through persona-based experiences and AI-driven insights

Revolutionize Your Digital Transformation

Sapiens offers a comprehensive suite of digital insurance solutions designed to meet these evolving needs and empower insurers to thrive in a competitive market. Our digital engagement solutions can help you:

  • Adapt Digitally and transform core systems to modern, cloud-based solutions that enhance efficiency and scalability
  • Deliver customer experiences through user-friendly portals, mobile apps, and streamlined processes
  • Optimize data analytics to gain deeper customer insights and make data-driven decisions
  • Increase ROI by automating tasks and streamlining operations

Persona-Based Portals

Persona-based portals are specifically designed to serve a variety of user personas such as customers, agents, brokers, employers, and more.

Each portal is customized to address the unique needs and expectations of its respective user group, ensuring a tailored and effective user experience.

By catering to different personas, these portals enhance usability and satisfaction, fostering better interactions and outcomes for each type of user.

Digital Journeys

Strategic digital experience management: Enhance interactions, satisfaction, and loyalty across the value chain

  • Design and manage engaging digital experiences throughout the value chain for customers.  Integrate customer experience at every stage, from initial contact to post-purchase support. This approach ensures seamless, personalized interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Focus on user needs and preferences, and create meaningful connections, optimize processes, and drive competitive advantages. Effective digital experience management requires continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving customer expectations, leveraging data and technology for superior service delivery.

Platform Capabilities

The Sapiens Insurance Platform is built on key technological themes that serve as the foundational pillars for developing all our business solutions.

  • Data, AI & Analytics

    Robust data analytics suite that leverages AI and ML and empowers insurers to gain a holistic view of their business, operationalize insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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  • SaaS/Cloud

    Provide the full breadth of cloud services, including continuous updates, effortless scalability, and comprehensive cloud management​.

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  • Operability & Security

    Reduce TCO through no-code/low-code configuration tools and one toolset for installation, upgrade, security, and operations.

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  • Integration & Openness

    Configurable integration layer that enables the platform solutions to integrate to any customer's ecosystem and/or third-party system.

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  • Automation & AI

    Use AI, ML and GenAI to drive new levels of automation, insight, and innovation.

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