Data, AI & Analytics

Empower your business with comprehensive data access, insightful analytics, and advanced AI/ML models using Sapiens DataSuite.

Transform to a Data-Driven Insurance Organization

Unlock the strategic power of data with our comprehensive suite of insurance data analytics solutions that empower your business with ML, predictive models and GenAI.

  • Gain Productivity and efficiency
  • Innovate in product development and customer experience
  • Grow through informed business decisions

Reportings & Dashboards

Easily design custom reports and dashboards, providing access to real-time data for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). These tools enable you to visualize data, track progress, and make informed decisions quickly.

The ability to create tailored reports and dashboards ensures you stay on track and effectively manage performance metrics.

Advanced Analytics

Empower your business with advanced analytics to uncover insights for informed decision-making and a competitive advantage

  • Uncover hidden trends and identify new opportunities by analyzing vast amounts of data and revealing insights that provide data-driven decisions. 
  • Leverage advanced analytics to improve business performance, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge.

Customer and Agent 360° View

DataHub integrates and consolidates information from various touchpoints and channels, enabling businesses to gain comprehensive insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and interactions.

By leveraging a single view approach, organizations can enhance customer service delivery, personalize experiences, and optimize operational efficiency.

Moreover, this unified data hub facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across departments, ensuring consistent and coherent interactions with customers and agents alike.

Implementing a data hub requires robust integration capabilities, data governance frameworks, and adherence to data privacy regulations to maintain data accuracy and security.

Platform Capabilities

The Sapiens Insurance Platform is built on key technological themes that serve as the foundational pillars for developing all our business solutions.

  • Digital Engagement

    Dynamic, persona-based portals to empower vendors, agents, brokers, employers and administrators to provide premium user experiences across all digital channels.

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  • SaaS/Cloud

    Provide the full breadth of cloud services, including continuous updates, effortless scalability, and comprehensive cloud management​.

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  • Operability & Security

    Reduce TCO through no-code/low-code configuration tools and one toolset for installation, upgrade, security, and operations.

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  • Integration & Openness

    Configurable integration layer that enables the platform solutions to integrate to any customer's ecosystem and/or third-party system.

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  • Automation & AI

    Use AI, ML and GenAI to drive new levels of automation, insight, and innovation.

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