Unleash the Logic! 10 Reasons Why I’m Wild Over Decision Automation – Part 2

Rafael Goldberg

See Part 1 here.

In my last blog, I let everyone know how exciting I thought business logic can be when it’s transformed by decision automation. Here is another batch of decision automation examples from Sapiens Decision’s client projects.

As I described previously, decision automation is enabled by decoupling business logic from its underlying application, rule engine or spreadsheet.  It sounds simple enough, but when implemented, organizations gain speed-to-market, increased productivity and reduced regulatory risk.

I think I’ve saved the best for last, so read on for five more reasons why I’m wild  about decision automation. Read more.

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Rafael Goldberg

Rafael Goldberg Rafael Goldberg is Head of Sapiens Decision, where he focuses on go-to-market, product strategy and overall operations. With broad experience across global software and consulting operations, Rafael has spent the last 10 years supporting clients implement and adopt enterprise decision automation systems.