Unleash the Logic! 10 Reasons Why I’m Wild Over Decision Automation – Part 1

Rafael Goldberg

It sounds like a contradiction in terms: “unleash the logic”.  Business logic in insurance, like “if a safe driver renews her policy, then provide a discount”, is well, logical. Constrained. Unexciting.

But amazing things can happen when logic is managed independently of technology.  Decoupling business logic from its underlying application, rule engine or spreadsheet opens up new opportunities through automation to gain speed-to-market, increase productivity or reduce regulatory risk.

This series of blogs is meant to give the reader a high-level glimpse into the business value created through decision automation. Read more.

 Stay tuned for Part 2.

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Rafael Goldberg

Rafael Goldberg Rafi is the Head of Sapiens Decision, a cross-industry business line focused on decision automation throughout the enterprise. Rafi’s responsibilities have given him a unique perspective on the operational issues facing executives in the Insurance, Banking & Capital Markets and Public Sector/Healthcare market sectors.