‘Twas the night before Go-live and across all the teams,

Not a tester was stirring, from their RestAPI dreams.

The platform was connected with a digital core.

In hopes that the insurers would soon achieve more.

Data & analytics, machine learning, AI

agility and journeys – the expectations were high.

With architecture crafted to support all P&C lines

Purposefully built with customer-centric designs,

The implementation was seamless, with support from the cloud

The insurer could appease any market or crowd

When out of the blue, there arose a new task

Based on a request the insurer would ask.

Away to the PM, and core technology team,

Who all had the ability to expand on this dream.

When what to the other insurers did appear

Was the solution they’d been needing for more than a year

New features and functions, libraries of data, and rules

On a cloud-native platform with proven interfaces and tools

A next-gen core suite with policy, billing, and claims

And additional components they could ask for by name

Add on DigitalSuite,

Add on Decision

You add on experience and you add on precision

Deployed standalone or as part of a suite

Delivering agility and insights to help insurers compete

With zero system errors and an efficient batch run,

Modernizing insurance has only begun.

So out with the legacy – welcome a platform that’s new

That can drive efficiencies and lower costs too

While providing better insights into policy lifecycles

For customers insuring autos, homes, or even bicycles.

No carrier is too large, no carrier too small

Into the future, with modern technology for all

Dressed with actionable insights embedded in processes

Leading to smarter decisions as the data progresses

A bundle of features in the front end or back

To help the end uses with the features they lack

Customers are delighted, and the agents are merry

With account and lead management, they no longer worry

The ease and agility and the speed they’ve achieved

Left underwriters astonished by what they perceived

Quoting, binding, issuance, rating, and more

With seamless interactions and reporting galore

Pre-filled data to reduce and

Were a holiday miracle to one user group

With faces alight with elation and pleasure

The new core suite they’ve installed was something to treasure

It was robust and beneficial for growth and retention

And ushered them into the new insurance dimension

With the low code platform connected this way

IT staff would no longer dismay

For IT was freed up from legacy constraints

No longer would they deal with system complaints

From the top to the bottom, the carrier aligned

To celebrate new capabilities they were happy to find

So if you’ve had challenges in the past, with your platforms or core

Let this be a reminder that there are options in store

As I’ve explained in this prose, on this cold winter’s night

Sapiens powers your possibilities – in a way that’s done right!


~~~Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays ~~~~



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Nikki Dugan

Nikki Dugan Nikki has had many monikers over the tenure of her career: Marketing Maven, Dedicated Brand-bassador, Catalyst for Culture and Champion for Change. She considers herself an eclectic mix of all; part Insurtech aficionado, part creative mind, part strategist, and part dreamer. When not focused on the latest challenges and technology solutions, she spends her time in her NJ home, experimenting in the kitchen and doting on her granddaughter.