Will insurance software ever be as easy as downloading an app for .99p? This would be especially great for insurance start-ups and green-fields, as well as having benefits for more established insurers.

Start-ups, Greenfields and smaller insurers need the same functionality as large insurers. Their needs are similar in terms of business functionality and regulatory compliance regardless of size. Markets are changing, insurers are facing a time of constantly accelerating change and pressure to meet those changes. Difficulty keeping up with regulations and an increasing cost base, with further market consolidation can cause increasing insecurity for customers.

As I said above, there isn’t an app for that but there is a solution. Ready to go end-to-end policy administration systems with low/no code capabilities, APIs and digital built right in. These systems are reasonably priced and allow for agility, scalability and flexibility. Open the box, integrate, implement and increase your speed to market. These core systems only take months to implement, you can launch your (new) products and be up and running using line of business templates and cloud computing in a jiffy.

These type of core solutions helps insurers grow rapidly, both in revenue and customer numbers, by encapsulating new and innovative insurance technology into existing offerings or rapidly creating new products. The ability to develop and deploy new products with minimum effort is a “Must Have” for insurers in today’s evolving post-COVID-19 digital world.

APIs offer the ability to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems and develop new offerings using a digitally enabled insurance platform. APIs are a key differentiator and deliver a wealth of benefits. From both an operational and technological perspective, integration with current systems and distribution partners can be achieved in a short amount of time. The opportunity to increase revenue by embedding additional product offerings into the retail journey is a tried and trusted distribution method. It allows insurers to put their products in front of customer who are actively seeking insurance, while offering targeted products exactly when they need them.

For example, online travel sites offer products like opt-in coverage for lost luggage or trip cancellation insurance, for an additional fee at the point of sale. This brought the need for flexibility and speed of change to the forefront of adaptability in respect of insurance products. We only need to look back 6 months, to the shambles of trying to recover the cost of cancelled holidays due to COVID, to know and realise the impact. Insurers who can address these rapidly changes needs will thrive.

AI and ML are leading at the forefront of “plug and play” solutions in the insurance market. The ability to quickly interrogate data, provide clear analysis and provide relevant analytics is leading insurers to embrace the AI/ML trend. Conversational AI (chatbots) can do much more then just answer questions and provide resolutions. They can mine customer information to present insights to the carriers, brokers and agents but also to the customer about next best offers, and proactively generate new leads.

Analytics are commonly used by insurance companies to interpret customer speech patterns to highlight potential fraud. Image analysis is widely used to identify fraudulent activity when making claims for lost or damaged items of high value, and so forth.

At Sapiens, we understand the need, and have worked to develop a solution. Sapiens IDIT Go is a pre-configured, ready to use, end-to-end policy administration system with configurable products, ready to use personal lines Customer and/or Broker Portal to enable self-service and other optional offerings. Leverage Sapiens IDIT Go to rapidly deploy an out of the box, pre-configured digital Policy Admin System to launch new products to market, without impacting any other systems and with minimum effort is the answer for insurers who must maintain and exceed their customer expectations in respect of services but with minimum disruption. Leveraging Sapiens API Conductor to seamlessly integrate with internal systems, enables clients and partners to integrate with IDIT Go with minimum effort. As the carrier undergoes its digital transformation, the API Conductor helps ensure a smooth journey.


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Amanda Rees

Amanda Rees Amanda Rees is a Customer Proposition Manager at Sapiens. Amanda joined Sapiens after working with other market leaders, such as Vlocity, CSC and FINEOS. She is currently responsible for enhancing the existing Sapiens core, data and digital propositions for insurance, and helping customers develop and refine their business cases for investment. Amanda loves fast motorbikes, scuba diving, travel and reading, and lives in Camden, North London.