What should insurance carriers consider when thinking about replacing core systems? I’ve always thought that ensuring full cooperation between IT and the business is crucial – without that synergy, IT will likely push for cutting-edge technology, even if it comes at the expense of functionality, while the business might not fully understand how to best position IT for success. But that’s not the whole picture…

In an informative article that was recently published in Insurance & Technology, Mark Cummings, VP of Business Development for Sapiens’ North American operations, explains that although IT and business coordination is crucial when making a new core platform decision, there are several other important areas to consider. Have a look at his article to discover the 5 Key Factors in Core Systems Replacement.

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Eric Danis

Eric Danis Eric Danis is a senior content specialist at Sapiens who manages Sapiens Spotlight and writes original posts. When not creating and editing content, or thinking about the Boston Celtics, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and three energetic children.