Cloud-native, turn-key solution for Life and Annuity insurers that enhances customer experience, reduces cost, and creates a seamless workflow

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Achieve unrivaled agility, reduce transaction time and costs, and increase process efficiencies to accurately assess, close and retain more business

How we do it

  • Integrate critical applicant data with an interactive single-inquiry solution
  • Amplify and accelerate underwriting processes
  • Shorten decision making from weeks and months to days


Cloud-native, fully digital, new business acquisition application with accelerated underwriting. Flexible, scalable and reliable.

How we do it

  • Create leading-edge, API-enabled extended capabilities
  • Reduce manual processes and duplicated data entry from point of application to delivery
  • Eliminate and reduce unnecessary steps and hasten the quote-to-bind journey


Deliver personalized experiences to elevate customer engagement and streamline business growth

How we do it

  • Improve and enhance management and engagement of customers based on actionable intelligence
  • Seamlessly take applicants from questionnaire to contract, via streamlined processes and pre-filled data capabilities
  • Validate crucial underwriting data and expedite the policy application process

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